Context: HotDocs allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates that enable production of custom documents. Tallyfy has an enterprise-level options allowing one to utilize HotDocs Cloud Services to embed HotDocs interviews within steps of a process.

Tallyfy can pass Step Capture and Pre-run Capture values for a particular run into a HotDocs interview.

In builder, open a step with an embedded HotDocs interview that you wish to pass Tallyfy values into.

To do this mapping, you must know:

  • The variable name in the HotDocs template
  • The variable data type in the HotDocs template
  • The full capture or pre-run alias

Values Field Highlight

In the “Values” field of the Capture one can provide the YAML configuration that enables the mapping of values between Tallyfy and HotDocs.

Each block of YAML looks similar to the below example.

Client name TE:
 captured_alias: step_1_updated_11.client_name
 data_type: TextValue


  • …”Client name TE” is the field reference name inside the hotdocs file.
  • …and captured_alias’ value is the capture you wish to load in to the hotdocs file.
  • …and data_type’s value is the data type of the field in the hotdocs file.

Pre-run fields differ only slightly, in that, instead of the the step alias, one provides the word “prerun”:

Client name TE:
 captured_alias:  prerun.your_name
 data_type: TextValue

A completed “Values” field might look like this:


When you’ve finished providing the relevant mapping YAML, make sure that you click “Finished Editing” on the step and click “Save Process” at the bottom of the process builder.