Context: HotDocs allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates that enable production of custom documents. Tallyfy has an enterprise-level options allowing one to utilize HotDocs Cloud Services to embed HotDocs interviews within steps of a process.

If HotDocs has been enabled for your Tallyfy account, one can embed a HotDocs interview in the process builder by:

  1. going to the step one wishes to embed the HotDocs interview within
  2. Select the “Capture” tab
  3. Add a “HotDocs” capture by selecting the option from the dropdown.

    HotDocs Interview Capture Select

  4. One will then see two fields attached to that step.

    Hotdocs Interview Captures

    The “file upload” field is required, as any PDFs generated by the embedded interview will be attached to that capture during an active run.

  5. The HotDocs document template (HDPKG file) one wishes to use must be hosted on a publicly accessible URL and that URL can then be placed within the “Template” field of the “HotDocs” capture.

    HotDocs Template Pointer

When editing is complete, “Finished Editing” on the step must and “Save Process” at the bottom of the page must be clicked.

Note: If an error occurs when saving saving a template (HDPKG) URL to a HotDocs capture, please attempt the upload again.