Context: HotDocs allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates that enable production of custom documents. Tallyfy has an enterprise-level options allowing one to utilize HotDocs Cloud Services to embed HotDocs interviews within steps of a process.

If one has a process that includes multi-step that have HotDocs interviews embedded Tallyfy passes previously answered “questions” to each subsequent interview in a single run.

The variable pass-through overrides previously answered HotDocs “questions” with the most recent “answer” for that “question”, irrespective of which step or interview the answer is contained within. If Step 18 has an interview with a variable called “Status”, it was answered as “Married”, and the “Finish” operation was run on the embedded interview…

Step 18 - Married

…Step 19 with the same variable in the interview will display “Married” when it loads.

Step 19 - Married Pre-filled

In a continuation of that same example: If Step 19’s answer for the question named “Status” is changed to “Single”, the “Finish” operation is completed on the interview embed, the user then returns to Step 18, and the interview embed loads, it will display “Single” in the answer for the “Status” question.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 11.47.32

Note: If any YAML mappings are provided for a particular step, those override ALL previous answers provided with the capture value from Tallyfy.

Previously generated PDFs are not automatically re-generated nor affected by subsequent interview steps or generated PDFs. If one needs to regenerate a PDF, the interview for that particular document must be re-run and the new version will be added to the bottom of the file list for that interview’s embed.

Another Generated Version