It’s easy to get started with Tallyfy.

Let’s walk through how to:

A. Build a new Process

B. Start a Run

C. Track the Run(s)


  1. Click on ‘QuickLinks’ > ‘Build Process’ OR ‘Build a new process’ on the home page

Build a new process copy


  1. Name your process (in this case it’s ‘Client Onboarding’) and type in ALL the steps in the process. Please also type in the steps that may be apart of any decisions branching.

You could use the PowerBuilder to quickly type up or paste in some steps and click ‘Import’ to turn them into steps in the process quickly.



Remember a good actionable step always has a strong verb in it, such as: Call, Send, Assign, Approve, Check, Refer, Confirm, Interview, Update, Copy, Select…etc.

Steps in Builder

3. Build power into the steps.

For each step,

In the Basics tab, add a description.

In the Capture tab, build out some form fields to collect information. (These will be important later to set up the conditional branching.)

In the Owner tab, set who should be doing this step and invite new users. (Invite new users into the application if needed)

In the Deadlines tab, set when this step should be done by.

Click on Finish editing or +Save this step to move on to the next step.

Step builder tabs

4. Add conditional branching by going to Conditionals that trigger based on captures and step tags. Scroll to the end of the page and click on Save Process.

Conditionals copy


5. Now you are ready to Start a Run!

Click on Run process.  Remember, this is now starting an instance of the Process.

Run Process


  1. Name the Run.

If you are onboarding a new client we recommend to put their name as the name of the run – John Doe – 07/01/2016.

If you leave this space blank, Tallyfy will automatically name it as today’s date.

Name the Run

7. At this stage, before you have started the run, you can change owners, deadlines, and assign guest users! When you have finished this. Click on Start Run.

If you assigned some steps to others, your team members would receive an email to join this Run.

Run invite email8. You are now doing a Run.

Everyone involved can see exactly what they need to do, how and by when. And are able to efficiently complete their steps using the green icons on top of the step.Run step

9. After you finish the run, track your runs.

Go to the Tracker – In the tracker, you can easily see the progress of multiple runs and react to delays and problems quickly! 

Green progress bar means the run in going smoothly.

Orange progress bar means the run is delayed.

Red progress bar means the run has a problem reported.

Tracker 2


Do not hesitate to contact us for help or any questions.


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