Accounts are billed on a per-user basis. If one goes to Manage -> My Organization, one will see a list of all the users connected to that organization.

User accounts are added to the total invoice amount at a full month time period when they are activated not upon creation. User accounts cease to be taken into consideration if never activated, for a guest user, or disabled (as seen below).

User List

Please note: All user accounts and usage during your free trial period are just that: absolutely free!

Please note: The subscription cost is reduced on the basis of the user’s usage that month. For example, if a user was active for 10 days and disabled on 10th day, the organization account will be credited with balance 20 days.

Please note: If Tallyfy attaches a Tallyfy support user to your account in the process of providing you with support or training, we will discuss the billing for this user before it takes place.

Please do contact us if you have any other specific questions about billing on your account.

You can view/change billing by going to Manage – > Billing.


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