Guest users have limited access to the feature in Tallyfy. They are FREE users, that are not charged.

Guest users are used for your customers, clients, partners, members and vendors – where you can invite them in to do specific steps and/or give them the ability to track the progress of specific runs.

What guest users CAN do?
– They can only do steps they are assigned to.
– They can only see the run they have been assigned to.
– They can comment, report problems and suggest improvements.
– They can only track the progress of runs that they have been assigned to.

What guest users CAN NOT do?
– They can not build or edit Master Processes.
– They can not start a Run.
– They can not view other master processes and runs they are not assigned to.
– They can not view other Runs they are not involved in.

Please see How to assign a guest user.

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