Guest users are used for your customers, clients, partners, members and vendors – where you can invite them in to do specific steps and/or give them the ability to track the progress of specific runs.

If you would like to make a step assignable to a guest user to complete,
in the step builder, in ‘Ownner’ tab you must check mark ‘Check this box if a guest can own this step’ and save this.

Check this box if a guest can own this step

You can only assign a step to a guest user when you start a run – ‘Run Process’.

Start a run and click on the owner, in this case the owner is a regular user – Laura and I want to assign [email protected] to this step so Sam can complete the step,
user assigned to step

Type the guest users email address into the orange box,
Add an email address (guest user)

Make sure you save this email address, it will then appear on the step,
Guest user is assigned to the step

Then start the run

The guest user (Sam) will receive an email to invite him to Tallyfy to complete the step,
Guest invite email

They will be asked to create a password,
Guest user signup

They will then see the run and have the ability to do any steps in the run that they have been assigned to. They can see but can not do steps that they have been assigned to. They can only see the checklist and run, not any other checklist and run,
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 20.25.05

More about what guest users can found here



  1. Andrew James

    I thought guest users would be able to just to do their step(s) on the basis of clicking a link from their notification email, however I note this isn’t the case. Moreover, when they click on the link in the email, they simply aren’t requested to provide a new password (as per above implies) but are directed to the vanilla log-in screen of TallyFy. This is really confusing for a guest!

    From the Tally log-in screen, it seems they have to click the ‘sign up’ link and then are presented with a vanilla sign-up screen saying they are joining up for 30-day trial and requesting their First name, Last name, Company name, and Work email address!

    Hopefully something is broken here otherwise if I was the target guest and didn’t know anything about TallyFy, there is no way I would do all that simply to do a step that the email notification provides little information about. This functionality needs to be much improved to be usable for guests external to the the primary user organisation.

    Beside the issues mentioned above, the notification email should be redesigned to make it as simple as possible for the guest to understand why they have received the notification, who it is from, and what they have to do (and why).
    eg. The subject line ‘It’s your turn to run ‘ combined with from ‘TallyFy’ is totally confusing to a novice guest, especially if my is ‘Get client details – Jun19, 2017’!

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