To delete a user – you just need to ‘Disable’ them.
If you are an ‘Administrator’, you will be able to do this (unless you have reconfigured the default settings).

How to delete a user:
1. Click on ‘Manage account’ under your name at the top right
Manaage account

2. Click on ‘My Organization’
My organization

3. Scroll down and select type of user you want to disable – See ‘Regular’ and ‘Guest’ user tabs, and click on ‘Disable’Disable user

4. You will see a confirmation saying ‘UserX has been disable’. You can enable this user anytime.

What happens to the task of a disabled user?

What happens to a disabled user’s outstanding tasks?

Tallyfy will take you to a page where you will be asked to reassign these tasks to other active users.conflict-resoltution

Are disabled users paid users?

No, disabled users are not be charged for. Please see user account billing for more details.

See how disabling users effects billing.

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