Zapier is a platform that gives you the power to integrate hundreds of apps into Tallyfy – automating hooks, pushes and pulls between Tallyfy and any other app.

If the app you would like to integrate does not have Zapier integration – you can use webhooks, which are a beautifully simple and generic way of integrating cloud-friendly apps together.

Here’s how you can use Zapier to integrate apps with Tallyfy with a very simple example. In this example, we want to “accept” a webhook e.g. a lead was received by your CRM or another system, and we want to start our “sales process” within Tallyfy. To be clear – we want to start a run in Tallyfy – that’s all we want to do at this point.

  1. Sign up to Zapier – a light use account is free.
  2. Watch the video below which shows you a simple zap that’s already set up. Please note that you need to visit Manage Account >  Integrations > Zapier integration > Add Tallyfy app to your Zapier account  in order to add the Tallyfy/Zapier integration. It’s really easy to set up – just drop us a note or call us if you need help.

Please note that Zapier also allows you to do multi-step workflows, so you can chain together a process that looks like this really easily:

  1. Someone fills out a Wufoo form from your website, which is a lead that’s interested in your services.
  2. The lead’s email and information is added to your MailChimp mailing list for future newsletters.
  3. A notification is posted to a specific Slack channel to tell everyone “We have a new lead”.
  4. A run automatically starts in Tallyfy to handle this lead using your perfect sales process. Everyone involved now knows what needs to be done, by who, by when and how.
  5. As every step is done in Tallyfy, you can get Tallyfy to fire into ANOTHER workflow in Zapier that handles specific situations. For example, if the lead loses interest in your product or service – and you capture a “Not interested at present” value in a Tallyfy capture – then you can set your Tallyfy run to end AND add the person into a separate mailing list called “Nurture prospects who are not ready yet”. This is effectively a separate list where you add people who are not interested in purchasing right now but might do so in the future.


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