This section defines the functionality of the master process builder, which is the first stage in using Tallyfy. Once you create/define the process within the builder (as a template) – you can then start runs which use that processes.

To clarify, the master process builder or simply “builder” – is where you define templates for processes. It is not where you design specific (one-time) instances of processes. It is meant to be a generic template for a routine and repeatable process. A run (covered separately) is the single instance of a specific process that’s running.

When you initially create a new process, you only enter the title – which unlocks the rest of the fields for you.

Please attempt to keep your title and description as concise or as clear as possible. This will allow other users in your organization to understand what the process is, why it’s relevant and when it should be used.

Master process settings

Various settings exist under before you start building your steps, they are located on the far right side. They are explained with the drawer that pops out when you click it.

See Settings, Conditionals and PowerBuilder:


Tabs within each step

Whether you are creating a new step or editing each step, these key tabs appear: Basics, Capture, Owner and Deadline.

Step builder

Basics tab

This lets you configure basic details about the step – like the title, supporting links, rationale, etc.

Capture tab

This lets you configure form fields such as dropdown boxes and text boxes which are collected when someone does that step

Owners tab

This lets you configure who is allowed to do the step, along with whether or not outside people (guests) can do a step.

Deadline tab

This is a default deadline for a step.


Icons on each step

Step icons

A – Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to edit the step.

B – Clicking on the copy ( two pages) icon enables you to copy the entire step.

C – Clicking on the red cross icon enables you to delete the entire step.

D – Clicking on the green cross icon enables you to drag the step’s order.

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