The Conditionals feature in the process builder allows you to SHOW or HIDE steps with simple “IF this THEN that” statements. It can be used to recreate any decision logic in a flowchart.

Use the Conditional’s feature AFTER you build out ALL your steps and captures within the steps that will be used to dictate the logic. Tags in steps can also be used to group step together.

If you want some steps to be hidden by default, and only show when a condition is met, please select Hide by default under step builder Basics before you build out the conditions. This will make sure users going through the steps in the process only see the steps relevant, rather than all the steps.


How best to set up conditional branching

Watch this video or read below:

First build out all your steps and hide steps by default if you only want them to be shown when the condition is met and tag steps to group them together.

Then add in the logic via ‘Conditionals’

Go to the ‘Conditionals’ feature and take a look at the endless possibilities:




Example of an approval process created by a user:



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