The ‘Export’ and ‘Import’ feature in the Tallyfy builder lets you make copy a Tallyfy master process in the same or another organization. This is how:

First you need to ‘Export‘ the process you want to copy:

  1. Go to Library in the Main Menu
  2. Select the master process you would like to copy
  3. Select ‘Edit process’
  4. Click on ‘Export’ – this will download a JSON file
  5. Save this JSON file…


Then you can ‘Import‘ the process in the same organization or a new organization:

  1. Go to build a new process
  2. Select ‘Import’
  3. Select the JSON file and click import
  4. This will copy the entire  master process (Note: Basics, Captures and Deadlines will be copied, but Owners will not be copied if in another organization)


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