You can easily set up common approval workflows such as Document approvalVacation requests and Expense claims.

Your vacation request process may look something like this if you mapped it in a flowchart:

vacation-request-flowchartThe employee submits a request with the details of dates etc. and the appropriate supervisor or manager of the employee needs to approve it in x days

In Tallyfy, you would use the conditionals feature to build this process. This is how you can build this exact process in Tallyfy:


Here are all the possible conditions they built really fast:


Here is one of the conditionals in detail:


Here what the process looks like when it’s complete. The steps with an eye with a cross on it is HIDDEN until the employee selects their manager’s name in step one. Based on the selection the employee makes, it will SHOW and also NOTIFY the manager to approve the step:



Here is the process is action. The employee simply starts the run and fills out their steps. Email notifications are sent to the right people at the right time:


Tallyfy process experts would be happy to help you set a process up – simply contact us if you would like help.



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