When a run is started, you can see some Details about the run in the sidebar, including Pre-run data:



Pre-run data is collected at the start of a run. Any links captured in the Pre-run data appear as hyperlinks.


How to create Pre-run Captures

Pre-run Captures can be created via the Settings in the Builder.

1. Go to edit/build a process

2. Go to Settings


3. Click on Pre-run Captures (Collect extra text fields before a run starts)

4 .Create each Pre-run Capture by clicking ‘Add new text fields’ and save the process.



5. Start a run and you will see the text fields (Pre run Captures) you have created:


This is what Pre-runs looks like in the sidebar:


Please note: If the Pre-run text fields are not completed at the start of a run starts, nothing will show in the sidebar.

Please contact us if you need further help.


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