You can certainly edit and make changes to a Master Process. These changes will be seen in future runs.

This is how you can do this: Watch this video or follow instructions below:

  1. Go to Library
  2. Select the process
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Make your changes
  5. Save it
  6. This change will now be seen in future runs you start. This DOES NOT change previous runs you started.



You can make some edits or changes to Runs you have already started.

These are the things you can edit and change: Watch this video or see below:

  1. Select run via the dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Edit’
  3. You can edit the name of the run and  description and click on Update to save this
  4. You can also edit the Owner and Deadline on any step that is not done and is showing (you can not change this for any hidden steps)

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