There are three types of users in Tallyfy

  1. Administrator user (Paid)
  2. Staff user(Paid)
  3. Guest user (FREE)

Administrator users are super users and perfect for people that own the process and are creating the master processes. They can create and can see all processes. They can start a run in all processes via the Library. They can see and can edit all runs. An Administrator user can see and can change any users’ role.

Staff users are perfect for people involved in doing steps in a run. They can create processes but can not see processes that they did not create or are not assigned to on steps.  They can only see and start runs on processes they are assigned to steps to. They can only see and edit runs they are apart of. A Staff user can see and but can not change any users’ role.

Guest users are perfect for external people (customers, vendors etc.). They can not create a process, can not see any process in the Library and can not start a run. They can only do a step in a run that they are assigned to. They can only see runs they are apart of. A Guest user can not see and can not change any users’ role.

Please contact us if you have any questions.