There’s many checklist and “workflow” tools on the market. The simplest of these tools are often free. Some of the things that Tallyfy specializes in – and differentiate on, are as follows.


  1. Conditional branching. Tallyfy can convert any complex flowchart into a real-time task list and therefore enable the conditional branching present in your workflows. Without this feature, it’s impossible to create rules like “if this customer has > 20 users then show this step – otherwise hide it” or “If this is not approved – close this process”. Simple checklist apps don’t have such features, which are necessary for running real-life operations.
  2. Dynamic deadlines. We have sophisticated deadline features and you can create “contingent deadlines” – where a step’s deadline depends on when another step gets done. When you don’t have a date for a task yet, this becomes very useful. None of the simple checklist and workflow apps have this.
  3. Supporting external-facing workflows. More and more parts of a workflow are now done with your customers, partners, suppliers and freelancers. We are built for external-facing workflows, and we can provide a branded link where you can share a process with your customer – in real-time. This has huge benefits to transparency and customer retention.
  4. Continuous improvement and scaling. We are actual process improvement experts with decades of experience – not techies that just built an app. We can give you insights and early warning alerts into what causes bottlenecks in your workflows and enable you to continuously improve your processes, rather than just track it.
  5. Human support and a US team with a US phone number. We focus on mid-size/enterprise customers. This means our service level is much deeper – and we have a 1-800 phone number for support. Our feature set is geared to fast-growing companies that need this level of trust and reliability.

To see Tallyfy in action, book a personal demo with an expert here.