Tallyfy offers both one-off professional and technical services during implementaion and a Success Package for pilots to maximize success.
One-off professional services

What we can offer:

Our team and partners of process improvement experts and technical consultants can help with:

  • Process mapping and optimization
  • Configuring your custom processes into Tallyfy
  • Integration services with your other applications

Costs: This is structured via MSA / SoW /Hourly rate. *This is outside the scope of the “Success Package” below.


Success Package
A success package provides you with a dedicated account manager to maximize your success during a pilot. Highly recommended during pilot and initial implementation periods.

What you get:

  • Dedicated account manager – a product expert
  • Email and phone support during working hours
  • Custom training deck and videos for your users
  • User onboarding – configuring default settings
  • Regular check-in calls
  • Pilot success criteria, analysis, evaluation
  • Advice on using advance features and integrations
  • Your feedback will be prioritized
  • Your feature requests will be prioritized
  • Eligibility for co-pay development. This means you can accelerate the development of a feature or analytics view you want – at a subsidized cost.

Costs: Monthly pricing model, fixed cost for 10 hours/month (Hours do not roll over). Extra hours charged per hr.

Tallyfy – Success Package