Most processes have steps that follow dependent on the outcome of a previous step. For example if the answer to this step is ‘No’ then show or hide this particular step.
Here is an example of a Product deployment process in a flowchart that has multiple paths:
Tallyfy has made this process executable and trackable and appear in a linear checklist for the people doing the process:
This is how you can create a multipath process:
1. First, list ALL the steps that are possible
2. Use tags for each step to group them together
3. Create captures in the steps where decisions are being made. For example, for an approval step you may want to ask: Do you approve this? with dropdown options of Yes and No.
4. Finally use the Conditional branching  feature to hide and show steps based on the captures options that would be chosen or typed.
Please book a demo with a Tallyfy expert if you would like help to create a multipath process.

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