Your master process is going to evolve as your company and team evolves.

Users doing steps in a run are in the perfect position to recognize these changes to improve the process by reporting it to the process owner. Tallyfy gives your whole organization a way to continuously improve your master processes with the ‘suggest an improvement’ feature.

If a user wants to suggest improvement in a step, i.e. changes on the order of the step, need for a new step, title, description, captures, deadlines or even owners etc of the step etc. They simply need to:

  1. Go to the step in the run and click on the ‘comments‘ icon

2. Select ‘Suggest an improvement to this step

3. Type the suggestion for improvement or change, and click ‘Send’

After you click send, this is what will happen:

A. The suggestion will appear attached to the bottom of the step and in the comments sidebar:

B. The process owner person (the creator of the process) receives an email notification and inbox notification under the message type “Improvement”. When an improvement is reported, only the creator sees it in their Inbox.


This is the Inbox of the process creator:

The person (the creator of the process) can mark the improvement as “Acknowledged” and even comment on the step where this was reported and then may apply the changes to the master process.




  1. Andrew James

    Hmmm, I’m not seeing things work as described (perhaps because I’m both the user running the process and the process creator). When I suggest an improvement, I see the details appear in my ‘Notifications’ tab however the only action available is to ‘Mark as read’!

    What I would love to see happen is (from the notification) go to the relevant step in template and be in edit mode to make any changes required.

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