This is a typical approval process:

If a step (B) is ‘No’, then you need to repeat a step (A). If a step (B) is ‘Yes, then you can move to the next step (C):

If B is ‘No’ then you need to repeat A. This could happen several times.

This is how you can build this in Tallyfy:

Create steps A, B and C. Step B will need to have a dropdown or radio button capture such as ‘ Do you approve?’ with a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as two options:


To enable the process to repeat steps A and B if the approval answer is ‘No’, you will need to create several other step As and Bs.

You will need to make several step As and step Bs to enable repeating these steps and also select ‘Hide by default‘ under the Basic tab for each step:


Then you can utilize the ‘Conditional branching‘ feature to make all the possible conditionals happen:


Here is a GIF that shows this process in action, it works like clockwork:


If you need and advice or assistance to build out your process, please contact us or book a demo session with a process expert here.

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